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NISC Meter Data Management System

You’ve made a significant investment in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and with that investment comes a wealth of data you’ve never had before. What are you doing with it? Leverage this smart grid data for maximum business efficiency and customer support with NISC’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS).

MDMS allows utilities to incorporate growing volumes of AMI data into NISC’s enterprise applications for customer care and billing, accounting, engineering and e-commerce solutions. MDMS utilizes industry standards like MultiSpeak to integrate with the leading AMI vendors, while validating and cleansing incoming AMI data to ensure accuracy before presenting it to your staff or customers. Your customers have the ability to view the same usage data as your staff, which leads to less confusion and better customer service. With NISC’s SmartHub® mobile and Web app, your customers can access this usage, check their account balance or even pay their bill, anytime.

The MDMS Distribution Analytics module combines your hourly data and GIS circuit model to extract additional value. You can now proactively identify over-loaded or under-loaded transformers closer to real-time than ever before, helping you reduce the cost of failures and associated replacements.

Are you getting the most from your AMI system? Leverage your AMI data for maximum business efficiency with NISC’s Meter Data Management System.
  • Scalable, secure cloud-based data repository
  • Data validation and cleansing (VEE)
  • AMI Integration for importing interval data
  • Full integration with the iVUE Enterprise System
  • User-defined reports and graphs
  • iVUE Customer Self-Service adapter
  • Virtual metering analysis
  • Transformer loading and line loss analysis
  • Dynamic pricing tools

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